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Big, full flavor with slightly carbonized taste.

We use primarily Central American for our French Roast. We roast it so the beans just begin to ‘sweat’. This is when the oils begin to be released and the beans shine slightly. What happens then is, over time, the oils continue to be released and you get the shiny dark roast look. And while our straight French Roast is pretty classic, we also add a blend component from outside Central America to spice it up just a bit…


We take our most esoteric selections into the dark beyond.

This is the one for dark roast fanatics. Bold, dark, deep.


The pitch black of the beans reflect the intensity of the taste.

Our darkest roast. We use Guatemalan as its primary ingredient and take it as far as we dare go. The Guatemalan is a dense and powerful coffee so we can roast it very dark without it picking up a burnt taste.


Our dark house blend. Ambrosian aroma with full bodied, smoky taste.

Sweet Love is our dark house blend. Blending dark with even darker, we meticulously crafted a broad taste spectrum of dark chocolate, syrup, and earthy depth with hints of orange, berry, and milk chocolate. One of our top sellers! No wonder why.


Velvety smooth with dark chocolate-like notes.

Inspired by the art, music and tasty sweets of Vienna, this milder dark roast offers subtle notes of dark chocolate and orange peel. Expertly roasting ‘past’ for tart notes of coffee, it is our most difficult roast to achieve on a consistent basis. Our Vienna is the lightest of the darks and dances the fine line between very full-bodied and ‘tasting the roast.’ Poetic balance.


Very full bodied with a syrupy earthiness.
Jim was one the very first roasters to purchase organic coffee from Sumatra. Since then, organic production has increased steadily due to the farmers seeing first-hand how organic farming helps them financially, in terms of higher qualities and yields. Our coffee is from Takengon within Gayo Mountain. Here small scale farms are interplanted with tea, cinnamon, and chili plants. The cup is consistently spice-like with syrupy depth giving it a unique character as a single origin or when used in blends.


Flavor Notes:
A medium body, medium acidity coffee. Very basic but very, very good. This is a top seller as it is such a crowd pleaser.
For my wife, this blend of grace, full of aroma and good taste. You’ll love its smoothness, it’s never bitter. So relax with a cup, leave the kids with a sitter.


Deeply rich and opulent with milk chocolate-like notes.
Our Colombian is from Monte Sierra; a group of farmers located in the Parque National Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in the northeast of Colombia, overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Here the mountains rise dramatically from a calm beach to rainforest conditions at ideal coffee elevation. Over the first ridge, moisture is captured that helps to produce such a high quality coffee. We desire – and achieve – a balance of milk chocolate with berry notes for a truly rich experience


Flavor Notes:
Mild and mellow, it whispers to your soul.
We use Central American coffees as a base for this.

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