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Southern States Traditions Chick Start & Grow (AMP) Medicated is a complete starter and grower feed for meat and egg type chicks. Medicated with Amprolium as an aid in prevention of coccidiosis. An economical formula that provides complete and balanced nutrition without compromising on quality.
Also available in 5 and 25 lb bags.

5#   $  3.00
25# $  7.75
50# $14.50

Southern States Traditions 2-Grain Scratch is a high-energy supplement for poultry with coarse cracked corn and whole wheat. Use it blended or top-dressed with other supplements or regular feeding regimen for chicks after four weeks of age through maturity.
Also available in 5 and 25 lb bags

5#    $3.00
25#  $ 6.75
50#  $12.50

Southern States All Grain Layer & Breeder Pellet is a complete vegetarian feed that is ideal for egg layers and breeders 16 weeks of age and up. The nutrient dense, all-natural formulation results in eggs produced with higher levels of vitamins, minerals, and omega 3 content, and superior egg shell and yolk quality. The added pro-biotic optimizes feed digestion and overall heath in a natural way. Southern States All Grain Layer & Breeder is free of antibiotics, animal proteins and animal fats.
Also available in crumble form.

50# $13.50

Southern States Sporting Bird Flight Developer (BMD) Medicated is a complete feed for gamebirds and turkeys. Its crumbled form prevents separation of micronutrients to ensure that developing chicks get all the sustenance they need, and its antibiotic additive prevents common ulcerative enteritis infections.
(Rockin' Rooster)

50# $14.50

Southern States Super Breeder is a complete poultry breeder and layer feed for all your egg producing birds. From broilers to turkeys, gamebirds to emus, Southern States Super Breeder gives you healthy birds and healthy eggs. PrimaLac for good gut microbials and 21% crude protein for excellent muscle development and beautiful plumage gives you poultry that's healthy from the inside out.

50# $15.25

When you need to put the pounds on your meat-producing poultry, use Southern States All Grain Meat Bird Maker. 20% crude protein ensures developing chickens and other specialty fowl grow healthy plumage and hefty weight. Southern States All Grain Meat Bird Maker is the best choice when you're raising chickens and poultry destined for the dinner table.

50# $14.50

Southern States Whole Corn

50# $10.25

Southern States Coarse Grain Corn

50# $10.25

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